The ionic air disinfection and purification system uses a specific voltage to transform the electrons in the particle atom in the air into a charged ion. In the air, the formation of electrical ions is forming millions of positive ions and negative ions. These ions have been accurately calculated and measured to simulate the air environment in the mountainous areas. In addition to the fresher indoor, you can also simulate the simulation In addition to the air environment in the mountains of nature, in addition, it can also effectively solve various pollution problems of indoor air. The use of this independent plasma disinfection system to produce air disinfection machines can effectively kill the dust particles in the air and the pollen binding through the ion bond. These charged particles quickly condense into particles! Increase their size, it is easy to be removed by the filter, reducing the breathing area bacteria. Also, it can quickly neutralize the smell of gases by the active oxidation and organic pollutants, which is quickly eliminated. Plasma air disinfection machines can also obtain certain energy by leaving electricity in a balanced positive and negative ion air electron pulse. When the energy transmitted by electron and bacteria and mold spores is the same or similar, the energy transmitted by the chemical keys can be broken, and these keys are broken. As a result, bacteria and mold cannot be reproduced. The developed plasma air disinfection machine not only sterilize and disinfection, but also more effectively kill the virus and bacteria in the air. It can also remove gas such as air formaldehyde and VOC stupid. The volatile object produces the collision of organic compounds, which plays a role in activating or degradation, jointly promotes TVOC degradation, and generates carbon dioxide and water.

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