With the increasing attention of food safety issues, many food manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the guarantee of air quality inside the production workshop to avoid secondary pollution. The application of plasma air disinfection machines has become an increasingly watched solution. Because of its efficient, safe and environmentally friendly characteristics, it has been widely used in air disinfection and purification of food production workshops.

  1. Basic principles of plasma air disinfection machine In the cooling and inner bag, the airfield air is in contact with the air workshop. If the air contains more microorganisms, the microorganisms will be attached to the surface of the food, and the food is polluted by microorganisms again. Therefore, the food production workshop needs to use a plasma air disinfection machine. The principle it adopted: Under the condition of dynamic people, the indoor fungal air -containing air is sucked into the machine, and the high concentration ions generated by the NICOLER electric field are used to quickly kill more than 93%by the bacterial air. When disinfection of air, people can produce and live indoors at the same time, and have no harm to the human body; because people can work in the workshop at the same time when disinfection in the workshop. Essence Many domestic baked goods companies use plasma disinfection technology in clean production workshops. The method of use is simpler: the workers are turned on when they go to work, shut down at get off work, when workers work, simultaneous sterilization disinfection, extending the shelf life of food.

Second, the application of plasma air disinfection machines in the food production workshop

Shanghai Kangjiu Disinfection Technology Co., Ltd., which is a specialty engaged in the R & D and manufacturing of air disinfection machines, informed :: The plasma air disinfection machine has the characteristics of efficient, safe and environmental protection, and is widely used in food production workshops. It mainly includes the following aspects:

Killing microorganisms in the air: Plasma air disinfection machine can quickly kill microorganisms in the air to avoid secondary pollution caused by microorganisms through air transmission.

Remove odor: There are often some odors in food production workshops, such as the fishy smell of foods such as meat, fish, etc., and plasma air disinfection machines can remove these odors and make the air in the workshop fresher.

Purifying air: There will be some harmful substances in the air in the food production workshop, such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, etc., plasma air disinfection machines can purify these harmful substances through oxidation and restore to ensure the air quality in the workshop.

Prevention of cross -infection: Staff in the food production workshop may carry some pathogens, such as influenza viruses, etc., plasma air disinfection machines can kill these pathogens and prevent cross -infection.

Improve production efficiency: Microbial and harmful substances in the air will affect the health and work efficiency of workers. Plasma air disinfection machines can clean the air inside the workshop and improve the work efficiency of workers.

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