Ozone, with the chemical formula O3, is an allotrope of oxygen that can quickly kill most pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microorganisms. Ozone disinfection technology has a strong redox effect and can kill bacteria in both water and air. Its bactericidal principle is to use the strong oxidizing properties of ozone molecules to kill microorganisms through oxidation membranes, broken bacterial cell membranes, inhibition of enzyme and protein synthesis, and other methods.

  1. Efficient sterilization: Ozone generator disinfection technology can quickly kill most microorganisms such as pathogens, bacteria, fungi, and viruses in a short period of time, making it more efficient than traditional disinfection methods.
  2. No secondary pollution: Ozone molecules will quickly decompose into oxygen during the sterilization process, leaving no harmful substances, avoiding the potential secondary pollution problems that traditional disinfection methods may leave behind.
  3. Wide scope of application: Ozone generator disinfection technology can be widely applied in various aspects of the food industry, such as water treatment, food processing, storage, etc. It can kill microorganisms in air, water, surfaces, and cracks.
  4. Environmental protection: The ozone generator disinfection technology does not produce any pollutants and is harmless to the environment, making it a very environmentally friendly disinfection method.

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