It also has a bactericidal function, but it is recommended that you still open more windows ventilation ## air purifiers, generally have ozone sterilization function, but the release of ozone is controlled in an appropriate amount. The air purifier plasma technology at home has ozone inhibitory technology, no consumables, purifying a sterile environment. ## Many purifiers will produce ozone, and ozone will have a certain purification effect, but reaching a certain concentration due to its strong oxidation, which will have side effects, which stimulates our skin and eyes. ## Fan Luos Air Purifier, pure physical purification, will not produce secondary pollution sources such as ozone during the purification process to ensure the use of peace of mind and health. ## Everyone knows how serious ozone pollution to atmosphere. My blue -state air purifier will never produce ozone, no pollution, no noise, and energy saving. environment of.

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