As the air is polluted, the air index decreases. The particulate matter, dust or other impurities in the air not only exist in the outdoor air, but also the same problem in the room. The air purifier is an effective method for purifying the air at present. The air purifier can adsorb, decompose, and transform air pollutants, deal with solid particulate matter and gaseous particles in the air, and play a role in purifying and adsorbing in dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde, bacteria, PM2.5, etc., effectively improving the indoor air in the room , Improve air cleanliness.

The designer conducts full market research and analysis in the early stage of the design. Through a large number of sketch ideas, find the creative point of product design, and repeatedly discuss and scrutinize, verify the feasibility of design, and carry out design innovation.

The design is novel and unique. The design inspiration comes from a hand -style luggage. The appearance is the shape of the rectangular shape. It has a distinctive three -dimensional sense, layering, and very simple; there are two small wheels on the bottom surface, which is convenient for movement; There is a hand -lifting design, which is convenient to carry; the plug -in lines are designed with pumping structure, so do not need to worry about the problem of placing the line; pay attention to the details of the details, the surface process is delicate, the human -machine operation is simple and convenient, it has a high -definition display, supports the touch screen Operation can display the air quality index very clearly and intuitive.

Ozone air purifier mainly uses ozone to complete the effect of purifying air. Under normal circumstances, the concentration of ozone is less than 0.1pmm that can kill harmful bacteria in the air, which will not only cause health threats, but also health effects; but the ozone concentration is higher than 0.1ppm more damage to human health. The ozone air purifier strictly follows the national requirements indicators in the design and production process to ensure the quality and safety of the product, and ensure the safety factor and purification effect of the purifier.

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