Plasma air disinfection machines (hereinafter referred to as disinfectant) mainly use plasma as sterilization factors for indoor air disinfection, which can kill bacteria in the air and use it in human places. The disinfectant is composed of an air circulation filtering system, an ionic disinfection system, control system, shell, etc. The main sterilization factor is plasma. After the polluting air passes through the air filter, it can meet the disinfection requirements after the plasma disinfection area. Make the air in the entire room reaching the standard of disinfection.

Scope of application of plasma air disinfection machine:

It is suitable for the disinfection of environmental air such as general operating rooms, delivery rooms, baby rooms, giving birth rooms, supply rooms, and burns, and indoor air disinfection in pharmaceutical, food, schools, public places and other industries.

Plasma air disinfection machine product function:

  1. Filtering dust removal: The physical filtration method of air layer flow cleaning technology is used to remove dust and bacteria in the air.
  2. Safe and reliable: This machine is a dynamic air disinfection equipment. People and machines are coexisting. They are harmless to people. The equipment is not corroded. It can also be used for static air disinfection in unmanned places.
  3. Easy to use: This disinfectant has four series: wall -mounted, mobile, cabinet, and aspirated. Machines have functions such as microcomputer program control, far -infrared remote control, automatic monitoring of plasma faults, wind speed adjustment, automatic working hours, etc., and Beijing time.

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