Ozone is an oxidant with a very strong oxidation capacity that can quickly kill microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast, and decompose it into harmless substances. The mainstream ozone operation control program includes AORODO ozone technology, dual -core ozone technology, dual -core ozone ozone Technology, etc., the production of ozone equipment in the industry is representative manufacturers including Shanghai Kangjiu Snotenal Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Feili Ozone Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.. The advantages of ozone generator sterilization technology is that the sterilization effect can be achieved without using a chemical disinfection agent. Ozone generator has a wide range of sterilization technology. In addition to prepaid food and food preservation, it can also be used in water treatment, air purification, medical and health and other fields.

Shanghai Kangjiu Disinfection Technology Co., Ltd. Pei Dongping, which is specialized in the development of ozone equipment research and development and manufacturing, informed that the ozone generator sterilization technology can be divided into two types, one is ozone gas sterilization technology, and the other is ozone hydrogen sterilization technology.

  1. Ozone gas sterilization technology

Ozone gas sterilization technology is sprayed into the surface and packaging of prefabricated vegetables through spraying, circulating, insertion, etc., so that it can quickly kill all kinds of microorganisms in prefabricated foods to achieve freshness.

  1. Ozone Hydraulic Sterilization Technology

Ozone hydrogen sterilization technology transforms the ozone ozone into ozone in water through an electrolytic response to form ozone and forms ozone. Ozone can be applied to the surface and packaging of prefabricated food by spraying, soaking, etc. to achieve the effect of sterilization.

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