1. Preventive disinfection method shall be adopted for the clean area, and epidemic focus disinfection method shall be adopted for the potential pollution area and pollution area. The plasma release disinfection device shall be opened, and the release disinfection device can release. Positive and negative ions shall actively remove bacteria and viruses in the air, so as to achieve the goal of coexistence of human and machine.
  2. Except for infectious diseases caused by unknown pathogens or those with special national regulations, the principle of cleaning before disinfection shall be followed, and the wet cleaning method shall be adopted.
  3. Standardized operation procedures shall be formulated according to the requirements of risk level and cleanliness level, which shall include the work flow, operation time and frequency of cleaning and disinfection, name of detergent and disinfectant used, configuration concentration, action time, replacement frequency, etc.
  4. Assign special personnel to select disinfection products that meet the requirements, adopt correct disinfection methods, and make disinfection records.
  5. Cleaning tools shall be used in different areas with color marks. Wiping cloth towel and floor towel made of microfiber materials should be used.
  6. Comprehensive terminal disinfection shall be carried out when the shelter hospital is closed. In the final disinfection, the shelter hospital, after being sealed, uses the plasma chamber air disinfection device developed by Liden Environmental Protection Institute, uses the plasma tube of the plasma air disinfection device to generate a large number of positive and negative ions, and the charged ion cluster actively attacks the virus and bacteria, destroying the cell membrane, virus DNA and protein, making the air bacteria and viruses lose their activity rapidly until they are killed and decomposed, reaching the air disinfection standard of the shelter hospital, Avoid cross infection.

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