Fast and Free Residue , Decontamination 

One Stop Decontamination Solution

Full automatic atomization decontamination systems

Air purification systems ,

Air duct disinfection systems 

Water disinfection systems

Emergency Treatment

Broad spectrum disinfection by hydrogen peroxide dry mist or evaporation

High Level decontamination up to 6-log biological reduction

We use FasFreDe dry mist , evaporation equipment to atomize hydrogen peroxide solution of 7.4% to sub micron size particles or vapour phase . The atomized hydrogen peroxide get spread automatically in the areas by the high speed turbine  , reaching the toughest spots and goes much farthur beyond manual cleaning and other disinfection methods.

Free Toxic residue

Only water and oxygen remained after disinfection , no dangerous materials left

Fully automatic cycle

No need to manually spray , turbine provides large area coverage

No dead angle

Sub micron particles reach every angle uniformally

Broad spectrum

Bacillus Stearothermophilus , Aspergillus Niger , H1N1 , Aureus registred in China EPA

3D disinfection

One cycle air and surfaces indoor disinfected

Daily air protection

Air disinfection with people presence

Aspire the indoor air in a Channel , Inactive the air contained pathogens in  Channel  , Exaust the clean air into indoor

There are various pollutants as VOC , TVOC , allergens , PM 2.5 and pathogens in the indoor air that we breath everyday  , we need to decontaminate them to a safe value . Fasfrede use the tunnel system that is equipped inside the tunnel high capacity plasma generator , UVA and photocatalyst ,  all the decontamination process are inside the tunnel , when the air exaust from the tunnel ,will be filtred by a catalyst filter ,  no harmful materials will be exausted out .

99.999% biological reduction

High level broad spectrum disinfection

No harmful materials exaust

The full decontamination process inside the machine , air get ‘washed’ before discharge , free ozone

High efficiency

30 mins for 5-log aspergillus niger in 20 m³

Air duct disinfection

Full time air supply purification and sanitization

Make the air clean before blow out from air duct 

A dirty air duct is polluted by allergens, bacteria, fungi, dust, dust mites, mold, and other organisms ,  but always out people’s health concern . It is becoming major source of indoor air pollution .We use easy installation plasma generation station to purify the environment in the duct ,  plasma station generates millions of radical oxygen species in the duct , these particles can effectively decontaminate the pollutants in the air before blow out in the indoor space .

Easy installation

High level broad spectrum disinfection

0 Consumables

Only air and electricity are used

Multi plasma generation levels

Level 1 no ozone for maintaining , Level 2 every m³ air contains a safe percent ozone