1. Types of medical air disinfection machines

Common medical air disinfection machines include ozone air disinfection machines, ultraviolet air disinfection machines, and plasma air disinfection machines.

  1. Different from medical air disinfection machines
  2. Whether the human machine coexists

Ozone -air disinfection machines cannot coexist by human -machine, because ozone has strong oxidation, but this also gives the advantages of ozone disinfection, which can completely disinfect the room without dead ends. Ultraviolet air disinfection machines can coexist with human -machines. Ultraviolet rays using ultraviolet lamps radiated ultraviolet rays in the machine, which can coexist with human -machines.

  1. Different sterilization effect

The ozone air disinfection machine can achieve completely disinfection inside the room. It can kill bacterial breeding, spores, virus fungi, etc., and has stronger sterilization disinfection.

The sterilization effect of plasma air disinfection machines is also very good. It can adsorb the dust in the air and release a small amount of negative ions at the release.

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