Mobile air disinfection machines are the most common in hospitals. It can easily adjust the location and air outlet direction, and have specific advantages in regional air purification and disinfection. The air purification and disinfection effect within the local area is faster than the fixed medical air disinfection machine. What are the precautions for the mobile air disinfection machine?

  1. Determine the suitable space of the air disinfection machine according to the CADR value, the space of purification and disinfection places should not exceed the applicable area of the mobile air disinfection machine. In order to ensure the use of air disinfection machines to achieve the effect of purification and disinfection, indoor air under the action of the motor is at least five times in the air disinfection machine.
  2. The mobile air disinfection machine has the effect of purifying and disinfection of the air of the space, and the dust and bacteria attached to the surface of the object still need to be cleaned by cleaning. According to the working principle of the mobile air disinfection machine: In the case of the motor driving the leaf rotation, the air forms the airflow and the filtering equipment and disinfection equipment of the air disinfection machine will finally output clean air.
  3. Moving air disinfection machines cannot control oxygen. The use of air disinfection machines need to open windows and ventilate. The main function of a mobile air disinfection machine is to purify the granular pollutants in the room, such as oil smoke, cigarette smoke, etc.; Killing natural bacteria mixed in the indoor air, such as White Hydococcus, Mold, etc.; Purifying TVOC, such as the influence of photocatalyst (titanium dioxide), make the formaldehyde decompose to who and carbon dioxide. Therefore, the oxygen of indoor air is continuously consumed, while the gas content of carbon dioxide has gradually increased. In order to ensure the oxygen content of indoor air, it is necessary to change the windows and use the new air system.

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