The mobile air disinfection machine is convenient for transportation. It is very convenient to consider the location of the room, which is very convenient, that is, plug and play. The disinfection machine base is installed with four thousand -oriented foot wheels, which moves with your direction, so that the place where the place you go can instantly achieve the effect of disinfection and purification, which is more convenient and practical. Next, we take the Cabinet Environmental protection of this cabinet-type plasma air disinfection machine as an example. Its air volume is 1200/1400/1600/1800m³/h, noise: 50≤DB; voltage: AC110V-220V; frequency: frequency: 50/60Hz; power consumption: 299W; applicable area: 200-300 square meters. What is the operation process of mobile air disinfection machines?

  1. Calibration clock
    In the normal state (normal display characteristics: flickering the colon once), the clock can be used during non -disinfection. Proceed as follows:
    (1) Press the “Clock” key. At this time, the machine whispered three sounds, and the colonite on the display was not quickly flashed (twice per second), indicating that the clock can be adjusted.
    (2) Press the “hour” key, the hour value on the screen can be increased by 1, and the long pressure can be added continuously. Pay attention to loose hands in time, and then use short pressing to the target value.
    (3) Press the “minute” key to adjust the all -minute value, the method is the same as the “hour” key.
    (4) After the adjustment, you can press the “S clock” key to return to the normal state. At this time, the machine’s long sounding indicates that it has returned to the normal state, and the colonite on the display screen will also be flickered once a second.
    (5) If the user does not adjust the clock for 5 seconds in a row, the machine will automatically return to normal.
  2. The length and starting time of the operation of the disinfection machine in advance. If you need to enter the new data in this operation, you can only take effect after pressing the “to recognize” to recognize the “” key. The length of the period for each booting operation of the disinfection machine is the same, the shortest is 1 minute, and the longest can be set to 8 hours. The machine selects a 24 -hour chronograph and promised to set the start time of 6 start -up operations daily. The colonies on the schedule during the predetermined operation will not shine.
    (1) Press the “predetermined/normal” key. At this moment, the double ring sound of the machine indicates that the content of the scheduled and the content on the screen is the length of the boot operation period. It is represented by the initial data of the letter “L ”.
    (2) Use the “hour” key and “minute” key to adjust the length of the boot operation period to the required value (for example, it is scheduled to be 1 hour and 30 minutes, then the hour value is 1 and the minute value is 30) You can do the third operation directly (it has been set for 1 hour at the factory).
    (3) Press the “recognition” key on the survey screen. At this moment, the machine whistle sounds and the first time is displayed (the start time appears, all of which contain unwrinking colons, and new machines are often used in the blank value) Essence
    (4) One of the following operations according to your needs:

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