1. Pay, use and operate correctly according to the manual, pay attention to electrical safety. Please read the manual carefully before use.
  2. The department can adjust the wind speed to low wind speed, stroke, ancient style, and automatic mode according to the current situation of environmental pollution and indoor people in daily use. When the airflow is in the automatic mode (that is, the automatic indicator light is turned on), the machine will automatically adjust the airflow according to the degree of indoor pollution.
  3. Select the disinfection time of medical plasma disinfection machines.

Preventive disinfection: regularly start disinfection 2-3 times a day, and less than 2 hours of disinfection each time. Please try to arrange as much as possible before work, treatment, nursing concentration, and after get off work in the afternoon.

Dynamic disinfection: Generally speaking, diagnosis and treatment (such as morning pipe, pill, consultation, etc.).

When disinfection in the operating room, the machine air volume is controlled for 1 hour before the operation, which accelerates the air equal to the cycle, improves the disinfection efficiency, ensures the effect of disinfection and purification, and then controls low wind disinfection before the operation.

  1. Machines with high frequency (endoscopic operating room, AID operating room, IVF operating room, IVF room 2 laboratory, ultrasonic room, etc.) machines use 2-3 months to replace composite filters in time after 2-3 months.
  2. Pay attention to the sealing of the room when disinfection, and close the window. The rooms should maintain good sealing, strictly prohibit the in -leaves of unrelated personnel, and minimize the number of indoor personnel to ensure the disinfection effect.
  3. This machine has indicators such as ultraviolet lamps, filters, and activated carbon life signs. After the life expires, an alert will be automatically issued. There is no need to monitor the intensity of ultraviolet lights or record cumulative investigation time.

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