Medical air sterilizer with international advanced level of medical air disinfection machine, the use of super ion generator, instantaneously excited trillions of positive and negative ions, efficient sterilization. Medical sterilization effect is very strong, action time is short, far less than high intensity ultraviolet. Medical body is the fourth form after solid, liquid and gas. The SPIC superion cloud releases trillions of positrons, which generate a lot of energy through annihilation of positive and negative ions, thus destroying the bacterial envelope and killing the nucleus.

  1. Advantages of medical air sterilizer

High EFFICIENCY sterilization: medical sterilization effect is strong, short action time, far less than high intensity ultraviolet.

Environmental protection: medical sterilization continuous work, will not produce ultraviolet and ozone, to avoid the secondary pollution of the environment.

High degradability: The medical sterilizer can disinfect the air and degrade the harmful and poisonous gases in the air. According to the test report of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the degradation rate within 24 hours was 91% formaldehyde, 93% benzene, 78% ammonia, 96% xylene. At the same time, it can effectively remove pollutants such as smoke and smoke smell.

Low energy consumption: The power of medical air disinfection machine is 1/3 of ultraviolet disinfection machine, saving electricity. 150m room, medical machine 150W, UV machine 450W more than, a year electricity saving more than 1000 yuan.

Long SERVICE life: Under normal use, the design service life of medical sterilizer is 15 years, while the design service life of ultraviolet sterilizer is only 5 years.

Medical air sterilizer

  1. Principle of medical air sterilizer

Medical air sterilizer can produce positive and negative ions at the same time, in the neutralization of the positive and negative charge in the air will produce a huge energy release, leading to the change of the surrounding bacterial structure or energy conversion, so that bacteria die, achieve its sterilization function. Because the number of negative ions is greater than the number of positive ions, excess negative ions are still floating in the air, can achieve the elimination of soot, odor, improve the health care of air quality, so as to promote human health.

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