The medical air purifier believes that many people have heard of it. Compared with the general home air purifier, the medical air purifier has higher requirements for sterilization and dust removal. Generally, products will be equipped with professional medical -grade HEPA filters and military -grade activated carbon layers. The requirements for the purification device are more stringent. This device usually refers to the principle of military -grade anti -virus masks. The combination of smoke filtration layer and anti -virus charcoal layer effectively guarantees air quality. Usually, ultraviolet rays are also indispensable sterilization devices for medical air purifier products.

On the market, there are many names of medical air purifiers, which can usually be called air -soluble adsorptions, medical air cleaning screens, medical air disinfection machines, etc., and constantly use the filter system in the air purifier products Perform effective purification, and then release the filtered air purifier to the air to achieve the effect of indoor air circulation purification. Medical air purifiers can be divided into multiple types. In the installation method, medical air purifiers can be divided into standing, mobile, wall -mounted, top -suction, etc. multiple installation methods can be used. In the end, the mobile medical air purifier has won the trust of the user.

Faced with a variety of medical air purifiers products, consumers are confused when buying. Many imported brands are also marching to medical air purifiers. The following combined with market feedback, it is recommended that the industry has a very powerful medical air purifier in the industry. Production brand Olds.

Germany Orangs is specializing in air purifier products. Its professional medical air purifier product KJ950F-H9 This air purifier product is used to use the H13 medical grade sixth-generation HEPA tentache bacteria nanotechnology to effectively remove the indoor indoor Bacterial harmful objects, HEPA nets are intertwined with fibrous silk. This filter can purify air pollutants with a minimum of less than 0.01 microns. Ourlandes KJ950F-H9 installation is mainly mobile. The bottom of the product is equipped with multiple mobile wheels that can only be automatically in the room. Activated carbon filters are volatilization harmful other substances in adsorbing rooms. Professional negative ion devices are rare devices for other medical products. They can release tens of millions of negative ions to indoor to effectively remove harmful bacteria viruses, classify and purify indoor air pollution, and indoor air is absolutely fresh and safe.

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