The summer weather is hot, the breeding and breeding of various bacteria and microorganisms are also strong, and the raw bodies floating in the air also increased. Therefore, there must be a lot of windows that can open the windows and let the sunlight. In the corner or kitchen toilet, the sun is difficult to illuminate, and most of these places are more humid. It is the key gathering place for microorganisms. Consider buying an ultraviolet air purification disinfection device. Pump filtering, kill 99.9%of the virus and pathogenic bacteria, and care for the safety of the whole family.
The outer air purification disinfectant is very small in appearance. It can be used directly on the socket with a direct design. The principle is to inhale the air containing the air containing the germ through a mute fan. UV-C ultraviolet rays (medical-grade short-wave sterilization UV), destroying the DNA or RNA structure of microorganisms, died of loss of replication or activity.
There is no need to worry about safety. The aluminum shell prevent ultraviolet overflow; the life of the lamp is up to 5,000 hours, and it can be used for more than 208 days on day and night. It is more suitable for family or children in the home. Harm, return your fresh and safe air.

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