Speaking of air purifier, I believe that we all know very well now, because this is a very practical and wide range of products, many people have installed and used in their homes, bringing us all a very good air purification effect. However, some consumers who have not bought air purifiers do not know much about air purifiers. What kind of products are good? What is its product function? How can it help us all? Xiaobian today will give you a brief introduction to some basic definitions of air purifiers and some of its principles, functions and effects of use, hoping to help you better understand the air purifier.

Air purifier refers to a product that can adsorb, decompose or transform various air pollutants (PM2.5, dust, pollen, peculiar smell, formaldehyde, bacteria, allergens, etc.) and effectively improve air cleanliness. It is also known as air cleaner and air fresher. Air purifiers use a variety of different technologies and media to provide users with clean and safe air. Today’s air purifiers are mostly compound, that is, a variety of purification technologies and material media are used at the same time.

Machine motor and fan to make indoor air circulation flow, polluted air through the air filter inside the machine, all sorts of contaminant removal or adsorption, some models of air purifier in outlet with anion generator, air ionization constantly, produce a large number of negative ions, be the breeze out, form a negative ion airflow, achieve the goal of clean, purify air.

Since the air purifier claims to be able to purify the air, its purification effect is the most people’s concern. There are two main types of air purifiers: passive and active. Research shows that the passive air purifier, if the filter aperture is small enough, the treatment can achieve the purpose of purification, but because of its “passive”, will cause uneven air purification, to make the whole room air is cleaned up takes a long time; The active negative ion air purifier can not only effectively remove harmful substances in the air, but also provide air negative ions with high efficiency for human health care. So it seems that the active air purifier purification effect is better than the passive.

The above is Xiaobian this time for you to introduce some product functions, advantages and some of its basic situation, you can through these introductions to know more about the air purifier. In the future, if you need to buy an air purifier, you should still choose a good brand of products according to the actual needs of your own home and let professionals help us choose a good brand of products. This can ensure the quality of products and the use of good results, so that we can all have a good indoor air environment.

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