① Medical ultraviolet air disinfection machine refers to ultraviolet disinfection machines suitable for hospitals, corresponding to household ultraviolet air disinfection machines, commercial ultraviolet air disinfection machines, etc., as well as medical ozone disinfection machines, medical plasma air disinfection machines, etc. Different classifications based on different perspectives.

② Medical ultraviolet air disinfection machine is a damage to the cell structure of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses based on the wavelength of 254nm, until its death.

③ The sterilization characteristics of ultraviolet sterilization lamps are: the most obvious effect of sterilization and extermination of UV light; the place where ultraviolet light cannot be irradiated without anti -virus sterilization effect; trace ozone will be produced under the action of ultraviolet light; ultraviolet lights will be produced; ultraviolet lamps will The service life of the tube is limited. Usually, UV lamp tube needs to be replaced by 4,000 hours.

④ UV disinfection method is a relatively common disinfection method. Common ones are ultraviolet tableware disinfection cabinets. In addition, ultraviolet light is also harmful to human skin. Pay attention to safety during use.

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