Medical air purifiers are often planned in accordance with the structural principles of military anti -virus masks. Its core filter material is divided into two parts, one is the medical grade HEPA filter element, and the other is the excessive military rating activated carbon filter layer. This structural planning and military anti -virus mask mask The structural planning of the “smoke filter layer” and “anti -virus charcoal layer” in the poison tank is completely the same. UV sterilization device.

Medical air purifier category:

Medical air purifiers can be divided into: medical gas solids adsorbers, plasma air purifiers, ozone air disinfection machines, etc. according to the filtering technology.

It can be divided into: vertical/mobile medical air purifiers, wall -mounted/window medical air purifiers, ceiling/ceiling medical air purifiers.

Medical air purifier function:

The medical air purifier is mainly for the environmental adsorption of various departments, wards and other places in the hospital, filtering fine particles, bacterial viruses, microorganisms and other harmful pollutants in the air (special name “harmful gas solution”), and dynamically continue to purify indoor air. In addition, for high -clean environmental places such as laboratory and clean rooms, it can maintain and improve indoor air cleanliness to reach the requirements of high cleanliness air environment.

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