Through the pre -filters in the air disinfection machine, the dust collection and deodorization filter, the humidified filter of the waterwheel, the plasma generator, effectively filter the harmful substances such as indoor bacteria, PM2.5 , Sterilize, output very clean and hygienic air.

Unveiling the front panel, the first -level filter is a pre -filter, which can filter large -volume pollutants such as dust and hair, and at the same time extend the service life of the dust collection net. After removing the pre -filter, you can see the dust collection and deodorization filter. The seemingly simple filter contains a variety of purification techniques.

In order to deal with a variety of harmful bacteria in the air, soluble enzyme coating and tea coating were added to the dust removal and deodorized filter. Bio -soluase technology can be strongly corroded by hydrolysis of the original bacteria cell wall, cracking bacteria, and chain tea poison can lock the captured bacteria to lose its activity.

Medical air disinfection machine manufacturers: Three different disinfection factors in air disinfection machines

The air disinfection machine is mainly a device that uses physical and chemical methods to kill microorganisms in the indoor air, which can achieve independent operation. Today, Xiaobian takes everyone to talk about purification and disinfection technology and disinfection factors from the actual application of the disinfection device. First of all, let’s take a look at the current various purification and disinfection techniques and compare it.

Today’s ultraviolet air disinfection machines can be divided into passive adsorption disinfection and active sterilization according to the principle of disinfection. Among them, passive adsorption is mainly filtering technology, and active sterilization is mainly based on electrostatic dust collecting technology, while passive adsorption is only filtering and adsorbing microorganisms during the work process. The principle of electrostatic adsorption removes pollutants in the air. Because products using static and dust removal technology are equipped with generators and dust collecting nets, and dust nets can be washed through washing. “product.

Let’s take a look at the following disinfection factors about ultraviolet air disinfection machines. It can be divided into three types, namely:

  1. Physical filtration of medical air disinfection machines: including high -efficiency filtration, electrostatic adsorption, ultraviolet circulating air, and continuous disinfection in someone environment;
  2. Chemical filtration: including ozone, drug spraying, fumigation, etc. Can’t use in front of people;
  3. Other factors of medical air disinfection machines: including plasma, photocatalytic, etc. But no matter what kind of disinfection factor, it is tested for White Staphylococcus and Natural Bacteria.

When the air disinfection machine works, because the ultraviolet sterilization lamp is sealed in the disinfection room of the cabinet, only the filter series is disinfected, and there is no ultraviolet leak outside the cabinet. In addition, the selected high -strength ultraviolet light does not contain ozone.

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