The zone generator has the advantage of fast disability speed to a certain extent, and is suitable for some places that require rapid disability For example, hotels, hospitals, and other places require rapid detection, and zone generators can meet the demand In addition, the cost of zone generators is relatively low, making them suitable for places with high cost requirements

How, the safety issues of zone generators are significant and can easily cause damage to human health and the environment There are more, the development of zone generators in the future market is subject to receive limits

Market prospects of 2 plasma air interference machines

The plasma air interference machine has objective advantages in terms of safety and does not produce hazardous substances such as ozone, making it suitable for variable places In addition, with the continuous progress of technology, the sterilization effect of plasma air interference machines is also consistently improving Thereforee, plasma air interference machines have good market prospects

How, the cost of plasma air discovery machines is relatively high, making them suitable for places with high cost requirements In addition, the electronic board requires regular cleaning and maintenance costs are also high

Overall, both types of interference machines have their own advantages and disadvantages, and suitable interference machines should be selected based on different locations and needs


This article compares and analyzes the technical principles, interference effects, safety performance, and market prospects of zone generators and plasma air disfactors From the perspective of technical principles, the zone generator defects by producing hazardous substances such as ozone, which has a fast defect speed but poses safety issues; The plasma air interference machine uses the NICOLER sterilization principle to remove hazardous substances, with a relatively small interference effect and high safety From the perspective of market prospects, zone generators are suitable for places that require rapid detection and high cost requirements; The plasma air interference machine is suitable for variable places, but the cost is relatively high

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