Do you know the difference between the closed system and the open system of ultraviolet disinfection machines?
UV disinfection machine refers to the use of UV and mercury lamps as light sources, and use 253.7nm ultraviolet rays radiating during mercury steam in the lamp as the main spectrum line to disinfect the equipment (disinfectant) for drinking water.

Structural form of UV disinfection machine: UV disinfection device is divided into closed and open type according to the border of water flow.

Closed system:

The closed UV disinfectant is stress -type, and the disinfected water is turned off with ultraviolet light with metal air breathability and quartz shell.

The barrel is generally made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The inner wall has a great luster, which can improve the reflection capacity of ultraviolet rays, improve the radiation intensity, and adjust the number of ultraviolet lights according to the size of the throughput. Some sterilizers install spiral blades on the inner wall of the barrel to change the motion of the water to prevent dead water and pipelines from blocking. Improve disinfection efficiency.

Closed is also divided into open and soaking. Open disinfection machines are suitable for medium and large water treatment, and are mostly used for sewage treatment plants. A closed disinfection machine usually requires medium and small amounts or pressure, and the disinfection machine cannot be applied when the channel is used.

In various systems, the ultraviolet lights of the sealing quartz sleeve can be placed vertically or parallel in the direction of the water flow. The hydraulic loss of parallel systems is small, and the water flow is uniform. The vertical system can disordinate the water flow and improve the disinfection efficiency.

Open system:

The disinfection of water in the open UV disinfection device is destroyed by the Mineral water under the action of gravity through the action of gravity. The open system can be divided into two types: soaking and sleeping.

Water immersion is also known as survey in water. If the ultraviolet light of the concentric cyclone quartz sleeper is placed in the water, the water flows around the quartz sleeve. When the lamp (group) needs to be replaced, the improvement device is used to lift it to the working surface. This method has complicated structures, but UV radiation energy utilization is high, and the service is convenient.

Sleep type is also called sleep survey method. Putting ultraviolet lights on the water surface, parallel ultraviolet disinfection water emitted by parallel electron tube. Although this method is simple, the energy is wasteful, the sterilization effect is not good, and it is rarely suitable for actual production.

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