The necessity of applying hydrogen peroxide sterilizer in library archives. Due to the relatively airtight environment of libraries and archives, the long-term storage of archives and books, the aging of paper and the evaporation of ink, the embassy is filled with a large amount of waste gas, harmful bacteria, various molds and other pathogenic bacteria, and the concentration is relatively high. relatively high. In such an air environment, it is not only unfavorable for the long-term storage of archive books, but also has great harm to the health of staff in the warehouse and library readers.
At present, due to limited conditions, most of the domestic archives and libraries basically do not have 24-hour operation of the fresh air system for air circulation. disinfect. Eliminate the musty smell in the warehouse and the peculiar smell of old paper and ink, eliminate viruses, tuberculosis, microbes and other easily infectious bacteria, degrade harmful gases, increase the oxygen content in the warehouse, prevent insufficient oxygen in confined spaces, and balance the content of positive and negative ions ,fresh air.
The hydrogen peroxide sterilizer can adapt to many different environments, and can switch between three modes: gaseous, mist, and aerosol. In order to realize the real “unattended automatic”, an external rehydration system is adopted, and the design strictly follows international standards. The application of hydrogen peroxide sterilizer in the library undoubtedly provides a lot of convenience for consumers and provides a safe and fresh reading and working environment for everyone.

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