The laboratory refers to a test in animals. This is mainly on the biopharmaceutical company. Of course Otherwise, there will be no “little love pictures, white and white, two ears up, cutting veins, and being so cute after cutting the veins.” Animal experiments have a very important role in carrying out life and medical scientific research. The listing of a new drug must be listed through continuous animal experiments to be available.
The complexity of the equipment in the current laboratory and the strict requirements of the environment are incomparable to other laboratories. Because the animals used in the laboratory are cultivated in a clean environment, so that they rarely carry bacterial viruses in itself. Only such animals can reflect the role and side effects of the drug when the drug test is tested. It is obtained by the correct data and then continuously improved in order to conduct clinical trials of the human body before being able to produce and go public on a large scale, becoming a good medicine for treating diseases and saving people.
There are many types of animal tests, some are injected with medicinal solution, some are feeding some drugs, and some are cultivated cancer cells in animals. Of course, some infectious diseases are injected. It can be said that the laboratory is crisis. Then it will cause major safety production accidents. This kind of laboratory leak has not been leaked in the past few years, and the disease that has not been controlled now is related to the leakage of the laboratory.
After each test, the laboratory needs to be thoroughly disinfected. To ensure that the environment of the laboratory is the same as before use, otherwise it will affect the data of the next test. This disinfection needs to ensure that there is no solution residue, and it is harmless to the equipment and the human body. Therefore, it is recommended to use a low concentration high-pure Hydrogen Peroxide atomization disinfection technology. Spraying, it is mainly used for the pathogen of the pathogen in the closed environment, rebuilding a clean sterile environment, and the disinfection of air+environmental watch is completed at once. It is a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient environmental purification technology.

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