Human infection of bacteria and viruses, whether it is a cold or a variety of incurable diseases, can cause people to get sick, caused by various bacteria and viruses. Before the continuous development of modern medical technology, the emergence of antibiotics allowed humans to achieve a staged victory against bacteria and viruses. The editor of the hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine consulted the data and learned that in ancient times, a large number of soldiers died due to traumatic infection, but the emergence of penicillin in World War II greatly reduced the fatality rate of wound infection, saving thousands of soldiers, Said that penicillin made a huge contribution to the victory of World War II.
After the Second World War, with the continuous development of medical technology and the emergence of more and more antibiotics, many previously incurable diseases have retreated in the face of various antibiotics. Therefore, people lamented that there is no more pain to afflict people, but due to the abuse of antibiotics , Some bacteria and viruses have developed drug resistance. In the past, only one or two antibiotics can be cured. Now, more doses are required, and even super bacteria antibiotics are useless and cannot kill. Bacterial viruses are back in positions lost in the battle against humans.

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