Medical air disinfection machines on the market mainly use ultraviolet, ozone and plasma air disinfection. Medical air disinfection machines use ultraviolet rays or ozone disinfection can kill bacteria breeding, branches, and fungi, and can effectively remove the indoor harmful gases. The disinfection effect is possible. However, when using ozone or ultraviolet medical air disinfection machines, people cannot do it because the ozone concentration reaches a certain degree of harm to people, and ultraviolet irradiation reaches a certain degree, which will also hurt the body’s skin and kill the skin cells. Therefore, these two kinds of medical air disinfection machines cannot achieve human -machine coexistence, and they must wait for them to disinfect and sterilize before they can be used. The plasma disinfection machine releases a large amount of positive and negative ions through a plasma generator, and actively attacks virus bacteria by charged positive and negative ions, destroys the cell membrane, the virus DNA and protein, so that it quickly loses its activity until it is killed and decomposed. For plasma medical air disinfection machines, excess oxygen will be produced during use, it will not cause any side effects of the human body. It can realize the coexistence of the human machine without affecting the rest of the patient, and will not harm the human body.

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