Is the plasma disinfection machine harmful to the body: The plasma disinfection machine system uses the corresponding working voltage to transform the electron in the particle atom in the air into a positive ion with a charged body. In the air, the ionic ions will produce hundreds of positive ions and air ions. This kind of positive ions can simulate the natural environment of the gas in the natural mountain area through accurate estimation and measurement. And yellow molds will no longer breed, and the sterilization rate can exceed 99%. This is the principle of disinfection of plasma disinfection machines.
At the same time, the air -sterilized disinfection of air -negative ion air disinfection machines in the market does not. At the same time, it can complete human -machine coexistence. Using air -negative ions can effectively kill the primary bacteria in the air. After the ozone exceeds the corresponding content, the gas magnetic sensing equipment is inspected to check the absorbing oxygen super After the standard is released, positive ions are released to neutralize the air in the air with an ion that exceeds the category that the body can bear and can complete human -machine coexistence. This is the style of plasma disinfection machines. At the same time, there will be no trace of adverse reactions, which will coexist in the real sense to ensure the health service guarantee for you and your family.

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