Air disinfection machines such as car tail gas, second -hand smoke, dust saliva and other particle pollutants, as well as allergic sources such as pollen, smell, paint, pet hair, and countless bacteria contained in the air. Aldehyde and phenol chemicals have a strong removal and purification effect. Now we hear more is the plasma air disinfection machine. Is it harmful to pregnant women for the use of family and plasma air disinfection machines?
The plasma air disinfection machine is upgraded on the basis of electrostatic adsorption disinfection machine, and the negative ion function (an ion generator produces “negative ions”) is added. Later, the two generators were integrated together. In this way, the plasma disinfection machine is generated.
The application of low -temperature plasma sterilization technology has replaced the traditional method of low temperature sterilization. The short sterilization time has increased the turnover rate of equipment, providing strong support for clinical first aid and border surgery. It is the first choice for medical staff to choose. Essence Plasma air disinfection machines are not harmful to the human body, and negative ions produced by disinfection machines are beneficial to people.
The ionization system of EDDA Air Plashes Plasma Air (PLASMA IONS) uses a specific voltage principle to work, forcing the discharge trigger through the internal/external electrode of the positive and negative ion generator (separated by the insulator), and then generates the ionic clusters similar to the natural world. Essence These millions of electricity clusters are actively collided with bacteria, viruses, and harmful substances in the air. They break through the cell membrane, DNA and protein, so that it can quickly rupture and lose its activity until it is killed and decomposed. This method is called For air power ionization technology.
It is easy to install in the current air -conditioning system, fresh air pipeline system, including the air cabinet (AHU or PAU), Fan Coil, and the air -conditioning pipeline. quality. It can correspond to different indoor environment and targeted control of pollution, quickly solve indoor air problems, improve the quality of life, and become easier from then on.
At present, there are three main categories we use for disinfection machine products, one is medical ultraviolet air disinfection machines, one is medical plasma air disinfection machine, and ozone air disinfection machines.
In general, if it is an ozone disinfection machine, there will be a situation where the indoor ozone concentration becomes higher in the process of disinfection. If people are in such an environment, they will be uncomfortable. reaction.
The plasma disinfection machine does not need to worry too much in such an environment in this environment. Of course, if pregnant women are more likely to be scared, they can leave the disinfection environment when disinfection, walk outside, and wait for a while to return to the environment that has been disinfected.

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