If it is classified by disinfection, air disinfection machines can be divided into ozone -air disinfection machines, plasma air disinfection machines, net ion group air disinfection machines, ultraviolet air disinfection machines and photocatalyst air disinfection machines.
Under normal circumstances, the place where medical air disinfection machines are often used are mainly hospitals, regardless of whether they are the country or the hospital itself, the product requirements are relatively high, so if you buy a medical air disinfection machine produced and sold by regular manufacturers, you don’t need to need Worried too much.
Whether it is ultraviolet disinfection or ozone disinfection, unless the concentration of the two is extremely high, it will not harm the human body, and those who enter will require wearing mask gloves, so as not to affect the bacteria carried by the body on the sterile environment. In the end, the impact of disinfection machines on the human body will also be reduced.
The plasma air disinfection machine has a built -in plasma generator, which is developed countless times. The plasma pipe of the plasma air disinfection device produces a large amount of positive and negative ions. The virus quickly lost activity until it was killed and decomposed. The advantage of plasma medical air disinfection machine is that it can be dynamically disinfected to avoid cross -infection, and a plasma will cause any damage to the body due to residues. Plasma medical air disinfection machines are completely disinfected.

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