The purification function of the air disinfection machine mainly comes from the ozone generator in it. The ozone has the effects of purification and deodorization. When the air disinfection machine is output, the ozone gas can be output in the form of particles in the form of a particle to spread the ozone diffusion The area is uniform, and the range of sterilization and disinfection does not leave dead ends.

Under normal circumstances, the place where the air disinfection machine is often used is mainly hospitals, regardless of whether it is the country or the hospital itself, the requirements for the product are relatively high, so if you buy a medical air disinfection machine produced and sold by regular manufacturers, you don’t need to worry about it. too much.

Whether it is ultraviolet disinfection or ozone disinfection, unless the concentration of the two is extremely high, it will not harm the human body, and those who enter will require wearing mask gloves, so as not to affect the bacteria carried by the body on the sterile environment. In this way In the first time, the impact of disinfection machines on the human body will also be reduced.

The above content is a harmful to the medical air disinfection machine. The air disinfection machine is mainly a kind of machine to achieve the purpose of air disinfection through the principles of filtering, purifying, sterilizing, and other principles. If you hurt it, you can use it with confidence. However, whether it is ozone or ultraviolet rays, in the case of small amounts, they can ignore the harm of the human body, but if they want to achieve the effect of disinfection, their dosage will be greater, so normal situations are still unattended in normal circumstances. Disinfection of the room under the circumstances, and it can enter people after disinfection.

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