The new coronavirus is still spreading this year. For hospitals, schools and other public places with many people, the disinfection work needs constant attention. Especially in hospitals, we will see medical staff pushing hydrogen peroxide sterilizer equipment. Corridors, wards, and departments are moved around for disinfection, even if there are people inside, they still spray it. Some people will ask, will the strong disinfection mist of hydrogen peroxide sterilizer affect people? Will it harm people’s health.

Don’t worry, the disinfection method of hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is harmless to people’s health, because hydrogen peroxide solution is what we usually call hydrogen peroxide. It is a strong oxidant and has a good killing effect on many bacteria and viruses. , It is commonly used in medicine to treat traumatic wounds with good effect. Its decomposition products are oxygen and water, so it will not affect people’s health. We don’t have to worry about its harmfulness, and we can do disinfection without clearing the site.

When using a hydrogen peroxide sterilizer for disinfection, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is not very high. This disinfection method is a new technology that is gradually emerging. It is getting more and more attention and practical application. It is mainly used to kill pathogens in a closed environment, rebuild a clean and sterile environment, and disinfect air + environmental surfaces. It is a safe, environmentally friendly and efficient environmental purification technology. Through the atomization and spraying of the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer equipment, the entire space can be thoroughly sterilized and sterilized, with no dead ends and no residues. It is a good choice for indoor disinfection and sterilization.

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