Many people have some misunderstandings about medical air disinfection machines. They feel that the medical air disinfection machine is useless. In fact, the place where the air disinfection machine often uses the air disinfection machine is mainly the hospital. The hospital itself is relatively high. If you buy a medical air disinfection machine produced and sold by regular manufacturers, you don’t need to worry too much.

  1. The killing effect of medical air disinfection machine on microorganisms

The sterilization process of the medical air disinfection machine can be briefly described as four steps, namely, electric halo discharge, bacterial lotus, drifting dust migration, and polar seal deposition. The high -voltage electrostatic field of the disinfectant is a combined honeycomb high -voltage electrostatic field, which can crush the bacterial cysts and has sterilization function. The killing rate of bacteria of qi fog chamber is ≥99.90%.

  1. The mechanism of killing microorganisms

When the microorganisms (air -soluble gel) attached to the surface of the dust, through the high -voltage electric field (the strength of the electric field is (8.5 ~ 10) KV/CM2), it can be polarized into a gas -soluble surge with a charge, and quickly concentrates to the dualty and neutralize discharge. After the dust accumulation, microorganisms were killed in the electric field, thereby achieving a sterilization of dust collection.

The above content is useful for medical air disinfection machines. The role of air disinfection machine is the effect of disinfection and purification of sterilization, virus, mold, etc. Especially after the new crown pneumonia, the medical air disinfection machine filters and disinfect the harmful substances in the air (such as the new crown virus), which has a good control effect on the spread of infectious diseases and the spread of germs in the hospital. The problem of the influenza of the hospital.

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