IOT automated disinfection process monitor and control system

Only one click ,achieve a 6-Log disinfection process including disinfectant diffusion , pathogen contact , disinfectant catalyzing  

With this system , for completing the 4 phases ,we need to : 

  1. Input space volume
  2. Select biological reduction level 
  3. Click start


  1. Disinfectant diffusor begin to work automatically with all parameters set
  2. Diffusor stop working automatically 
  3. Contact time 
  4. Catalyzing machine begin to work automatically with all parameters set
  5. Disinfectan sensor detect a safe concentration value 
  6. Catalyzing machine stop working 
  7. Operator get message on the app that environment is safe to go inside
hydrogen peroxide sensor

For a high level and safe disinfection process , we divide the whole process in 4 phases , disinfectant diffusion , sufficient contact  ,disinfectant catalyzing and Hygiene maintaning . 

Disinfectant diffusion : In the disinfectant diffusion phase , our fogging , dry fog or evaporation machine transform the liquid disinfectant in small particles and diffuse them in the whole indoor space  

Sufficient contact :When fogging , dry fog or evaporation machine stop spreading , the disinfectant aerosol get diffused in the air and surfaces , the small particles begin to do the bownian motion and distributed uniformally in every angle and contact with pathogens ,the contact time can be various depending on the disinfectant , particle size and targeted pathogens

Disinfectant catalyzing : When the contat phase is finished , there are still a certain concentration of disinfectant left in the air , it is harmful for people health getting inside , so we need to reduce the concentration to a safe level in short time by catalyzing machine , then the disinfectant sensor notify people that environment is safe

Hygiene maintaning : After created a highly hygiene  environment , people brings inside new pathogens by breathing and touching , so maintaning the high level hygiene is important , we use air disinfection machine for maintaning with people present 

During the disinfection process , the working state of every single device can be monitored on App or website 

Smart 1000

Disinfection result validation function

It is a unique method for a real time and precise validation system,  based on elecro-chemical sensor , IOT (Internet of things) and AI analysis technology .

Electro-chemical sensor : for detecting  disinfectant concentration and contact time

IoT : for uploading detected data on server 

AI analysis : validate whether the necessary disinfectant concentration and contact time were met to kill a specified number of microorganisms for a given disinfection protocol.  

FasFrede disinfection cloud

Automatic protocol regulating function

FasFreDe iOT automated disinfection system is composed by multi template , every customer can be identified by a ID number , all its devices will be under this ID number . Every ID number can be loaded customizable templates. 

This template function allows us to work distinctively for various customers’ disinfection protocol according their disinfectant , disinfectan concentration and targeted microorganism . 

For example : John use to use chlorine dioxide for bacillus stearothermophilus 6-Log reduction , Peter use Hydrogen peroxide of 21 % for yeast 5-Log disinfection . 

All the parameters should be different on the machine , we can create different template for them , John’s  APP only show Chlorine dioxide and  6-Log  , Peter’s APP only show Hydrogen peroxide and 5-Log , but each one can achieve their decontamination purpose by one click .