What should I pay attention to when using UV disinfection cars? In the case of use, the outside of the ultraviolet light should be ensured. When you see that there is dust and oil stains on the surface of the lamp, you should try it in time. When disinfected the indoor environment with ultraviolet lights. The room should also be kept clean and dry to reduce dust and water mist. When the surface layer of ultraviolet disinfection objects is used, the surface layer should be directly illuminated by ultraviolet rays. UV light sources cannot be irradiated to people to avoid damage.
Car has become a more important mobile space in our three major spaces (family, cars, and offices). The safety of the car environment will be highly valued by many people. Compared with the disinfection of automobile space, alcohol spraying has a lot of risk of burning frying; the corrosiveness and nose flavor of 84 disinfectants cannot be used as in the car space. Ultraviolet light disinfection vehicles are relatively suitable. Because UV light disinfection is not easy to cause everything to have a relatively large adverse effects -colorless, odorless, non -residual, non -corrosion! UV light (UV) This is an indispensable light (wavelength 200-400 nanometer). UV light is usually divided into 3 bands according to the wavelength. UV light of 315-400nm wavelengths belongs to the A band, which is called UVA; the ultraviolet light of the 280-315nm wavelength belongs to the B-band, which is called UVB; the ultraviolet light of the 200-280nm wavelength belongs to the C band, which is called UVC, and the alias “Deep UV” ” Essence In fact, sunlight contains ultraviolet light. Among them, the penetration of UVA and UVB is correspondingly good. These not far thousands of miles can also reach the earth, but UVC’s penetration power is weak. When it arrives at the surface, it will be almost absorbed by the ozone layer in the atmosphere.

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