1 Dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer equipment should be kept 1.5 meters away from any walls or other surfaces (avoid wetting surfaces too close to the nozzle).

2 Calculated from the nozzle, the sprayed dry mist must be controlled to be between 1.5 meters and 3 meters away from any object (also to avoid wetting the surface; at the same time to promote the spray effect).

3 If using multiple nozzles, place the device in a position where each nozzle can cover approximately the same volume of space.

4 The sprinkler height should be approximately 12–16 inches (30–40 cm) above the ceiling.

5 Each nozzle covers a space/room volume not exceeding 250 cubic meters.

6 The spray flow from each nozzle should be directed towards an open area in the room.

7 When deploying humidity probes and biological indicators, take the points farther away from the equipment and the points with more complex room structure as monitoring points. Some key areas or important equipment areas can also add some monitoring points to ensure that the area can achieve corresponding sterilization. Effect.

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