Plasma air disinfection machine, with a international leading -level plasma air disinfection machine, uses (SPIC) super ionter generator to instantly stimulates the mega billion positive and negative ions, which can highly efficient sterilization and disinfection. The effect of plasma sterilization and disinfection is very strong And the effect time is short, which is far less than high -strength ultraviolet light. Plashes are the fourth type of form in the same solid, liquid, and gaseous.

The SPIC ultra -ion cloud releases a mega billion -dollar positive and negative electrons, forming a large amount of energy according to the annihilation of positive and negative ions, and then destroy the outer membrane of the germs and kill the nucleus. Compared with traditional ultraviolet light circulating air -air disinfection machines, it has the following six advantages: high -efficiency sterilization and disinfection plasma plasma sterilization and disinfection effect is very strong, and the effect time is short, which is far less than high -strength ultraviolet light. Environmental protection plasma sterilization and disinfection continues to operate, and it will not form ultraviolet light, ozone, and avoid the environmental pollution again. High -efficiency degradation, plasma disinfection machine to disinfect air, at the same time, can also degrade the harmful and toxic gases in the air. The inspection report of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center shows that the degradation rate within 24 hours: 91%formaldehyde and benzene 93 %, Ammonia 78%, and 96%. At the same time, it can efficiently remove pollutants such as flue gas and smoke. Low energy consumption, the power of the plasma air disinfection machine is 1/3 of the ultraviolet disinfection machine, which is very electricity. The design and use period is 15 years when the ionic disinfection machine is started normally, while the ultraviolet disinfection machine is only 5 years. Investing in a lifelong free -term free consumables, ultraviolet disinfection machines need to be disassembled for about 2 years. The ionic disinfection machine does not require consumables for life. The relative depreciation cost of UV disinfection machine is about 4,000 yuan/year. And the plasma disinfection machine is very energy -saving and environmentally friendly, which is harmless to medical staff and patients. Therefore, it is a very wise choice for air disinfection selection.

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