Medical air disinfection machines are selected from 0.5%to 1.0%(5000mg/L to 10ooomg/L) peroxytic acetic acid solution (1g/m3) or chlorine dioxide (10 mg/m3 ~ 20mg/m3), heating up and evaporating or excitement; Sumid disinfection can be used with ozone (20 mg/m3). The amount of disinfectant, sterilization time, operation steps, and precautions shall follow the instructions of the product. Before disinfection, close the doors and windows, end the disinfection, and open the doors and windows.
In fact, in addition to plasma air disinfection machines and traditional ultraviolet circulating air disinfection machines, there is also a medical air disinfection machine with the following six advantages: high -efficiency sterilization is better than the industry’s electrolytic live oxygen spray. Made the live oxygen sterilization spray to remove viruses such as indoor odors, bacteria, and new coronary viruses. Reasonable and effectively eliminating new coronary viruses and other bacterial viruses can also be isolated from the spread of bacteria and viruses in the air. The reliable and light design is easy to move, and it will disinfect many indoor air. Remove the odor of the room and formaldehyde and its various odors, so that the breathing is more refreshing, and it can break down harmful substances such as formaldehyde. The unique “human intelligent induction” can also be used. The portable body is lightweight, which is equivalent to the size of A4 paper. It can be moved, wall -mounted, and can be placed directly on the table. The reasonable and effective sterilization rate of air disinfection machine: 1 hour 99.94%/2 hours 99.97%, detection concentration -0.1ppm. Activoral oxygen sprays of the cleaning of clean circulation of the permeable cycle won the electrolytic process and converted pure water into a high -purity live oxygen solution. After the turbid gases exposed to the filter soaked in the live oxygen solution, in the form of “gas -liquid contact”, the live oxygen solution was quickly atomized into the environment of the gas and surface sterilization and removing the odor of the room. At the same time, the vital oxygen mist outside the wind wheel can also inhibit bacteria remaining on the surface of the material. Provide clean air for circulation in the room.

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