Hydrogen peroxide is a potion mainly used for disinfection, as everyone knows. The hydrogen peroxide commonly used in the family mainly includes: hydrogen peroxide, that is, hydrogen peroxide, which has a sterilizing effect; boric acid water and 3-point boric acid solution have cleaning, astringent, and bacteriostatic effects; soapy water and soapy water have specific disinfection effects; salt water can only clean wounds , there is no disinfection effect.

Hydrogen peroxide: Non-foaming and ineffective hydrogen peroxide can also be used to clean and disinfect purulent wounds. However, when hydrogen peroxide encounters wound secretions or pus, it will decompose free atomic oxygen and generate a large number of air bubbles. Hydrogen peroxide is not easy to store. If there are no air bubbles when cleaning the wound, the medicine has failed. Iodine: For undamaged pustules. Iodine has obvious bactericidal effect. Its low concentration is generally used for skin disinfection, and its concentration above 3 points can be used for inflammations such as folliculitis and paronychia, as well as undamaged pustules and boils. But iodine is irritating and should not be used on broken wounds.

There are many kinds of hydrogen peroxide on the market now. Among them, 84 hydrogen peroxide is a kind of zuizhiming, but Dettol brand hydrogen peroxide is also doing well, so parents are considering which is better, Dettol hydrogen peroxide or 84 hydrogen peroxide.

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