Introduction of wireless joint control equipment for hydrogen peroxide sterilization in sterile pharmaceutical factory
With the improvement of the safety awareness of the staff of sterile pharmaceutical factories and the popularization of national policies to vigorously promote the green production road and eliminate the use of formaldehyde, more and more sterile pharmaceutical factories are using hydrogen peroxide sterilizers instead Formaldehyde is eliminated, but sterile pharmaceutical workshops are generally relatively large and complex, which also causes the need to meet the needs of pharmaceutical factories to obtain more and more comprehensive functions of hydrogen peroxide sterilizers.

At present, there are two methods of sterilization by hydrogen peroxide sterilizers in sterile pharmaceutical factories: vaporization and atomization. There are also two ways to diffuse into the space: one is that the generator is integrated in the air-conditioning duct, and the air-conditioning duct diffuses to the space for sterilization. This method has a particularly good sterilization effect, but the cost is too high. The other is that the commonly used independent hydrogen peroxide sterilization equipment is placed in the space for sterilization. Be sure to turn off the air conditioning system for static sterilization during sterilization.
Let’s take the commonly used independent hydrogen peroxide sterilizer as an example. The independent hydrogen peroxide sterilizer needs to be evenly distributed in the sterilization space according to the sterilization plan, but aseptic pharmaceutical factories have strong requirements for auditing and tracking functions, requiring independent The hydrogen peroxide sterilizers can be mutually controlled, and data transmission can be carried out without being cut off by the color steel plates inside the pharmaceutical factory. Controlled wireless hydrogen peroxide sterilizer. In order to meet the safe and intelligent production of sterile pharmaceutical workshop.

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