The hydrogen peroxide sensor adopts polarographic sensor and is installed on the flow pool. Hydrogen peroxide permeable membrane will be tested water sample and electrolyte perfect isolation, to achieve long-term stability monitoring without pollution problem. Dedicated permeation membranes selectively measure peroxides without interference from other substances in the water sample.

The electrode has the characteristics of high test accuracy, long service life and so on.

● The cable adopts the special low noise coaxial cable design, so it has a strong anti-interference ability.

● Each electrode in the response speed, zero, slope, deviation, anti-interference and other aspects of the factory are strictly tested.

● It has the advantages of large range, good linearity, strong lightning resistance, convenient observation, stable and reliable.

Measurement range: 2000ppm

Sensitivity: 50 ~ 90nA/ppm

Response time: < 25s

Linear range: +/-30ppm

Overload: 5000 PPM

Resolution: < 0.5ppm

Size: 32.3 * 16.5 Φ

Service life: 2 years

Storage period: 6 months

Operating temperature: -30 ~ 50℃

Operating humidity: 15 ~ 90% RH

Load resistance: 10-47Ω

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