1. Turn off the air-conditioning system and keep the unnecessary running equipment in a closed state. Check whether there is any leakage in the space. If there is, seal it with tape or plastic wrap.
  2. Deploy the detection methods such as biological indicators and chemical indicator cards.
  3. Place the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer in a position where it is easy to fully diffuse, add the corresponding amount of disinfectant and turn it on, and evacuate the personnel.
  4. Label the door outside the sterilization area with warning words such as “sterilization, no entry”.
  5. After the spraying or vaporization process is over, let it stand for about an hour and a half to let the disinfectant diffused into the space fully work to eliminate it.
  6. After the stuffy elimination process is over, turn on the air-conditioning system to ventilate the residue for about 1 to 2 hours to reduce the hydrogen peroxide concentration to a safe concentration below 1ppm.
  7. Personnel enter to collect the indicator for observation. If it is a biological indicator, it needs to be placed in the corresponding medium and cultured at the corresponding culture temperature to observe the culture results.

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