Also because hydrogen peroxide has a sterilizing effect, hydrogen peroxide is used in the disinfection of flexible packaging paper, the disinfection of canneries, the sterilization of milk and dairy products, the fermentation of bread, the decolorization of food fibers, etc. It is also used as a production and processing aid. In addition, hydrogen peroxide also plays an important role in drinking water treatment, textile bleaching, paper industry, medical industry and the manufacture of household detergents.
Especially in medical institutions, whether it is a small dental clinic or a large tertiary hospital, disinfection is an essential thing. Hospitals are places where many patients live for diagnosis, treatment, help and recovery. However, hospitals are densely populated and highly mobile. Excretion, speech, and sneezing of patients will cause many bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms to float in the air. Therefore, clean air and surfaces It is one of the key points of environmental management in the hospital.
Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, the relevant measures of the national anti-epidemic guidance have mentioned several times that hydrogen peroxide atomization can be used to disinfect the air and surfaces. Hydrogen peroxide atomization disinfection function can effectively destroy pathogens and multi-drug resistant bacteria, curb the growth of Aspergillus, and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The hydrogen peroxide atomization sterilizer has extremely prominent advantages.
The hydrogen peroxide atomization disinfection machine is mainly used for terminal disinfection in the hospital and disinfection of infected areas at any time. It can achieve full surface coverage and 360° disinfection without dead ends, so it is suitable for thorough disinfection of air and surfaces.
The efficient, stable and easy-to-operate hydrogen peroxide atomization sterilizer is deeply trusted and favored by the majority of medical institutions.
The biggest highlight of the hydrogen peroxide atomizing sterilizer is that it is very efficient, and can achieve air and surface disinfection within 15 minutes, which is unique among similar products on the market!

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