First, how does environmental pollution occur during cell culture?

Contamination caused by extraction and release of cells

Picking and placing cells is a fundamental operation during cell culture. At the moment of opening and closing the incubator, the microorganisms in the environment will enter the incubator more or less, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside will cause the inner door to produce condensate, which is easy to adsorb microorganisms. These are all risk factors for contamination of the incubator.

Secondary pollution caused by incomplete disinfection by conventional manual spraying of disinfectants or ultraviolet lamps

During cell culture, incubators are often subject to large-scale contamination due to other operational issues (eg, media spillage, water tray contamination, etc.), making it necessary to sterilize the incubator. Conventional disinfection (such as ultraviolet irradiation) can only achieve the effect of surface disinfection, especially for stubborn contamination such as fungi, and cannot be completely disinfected, resulting in frequent cell contamination in the subsequent culture process.

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