It is the best choice for pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, ambulances, laboratories and all that need to achieve LOG6 sterilization and non-corrosive commercial disinfection of other equipment. SMART1000 adopts the patented technology of hydrogen peroxide gasification and plasmaization at room temperature and pressure to achieve no residue and no dead angle sterilization. Based on the intelligent Internet of Things and artificial intelligence computing technology, it can complete professional and complex high-level disinfection processes with one-click operation, and matches the applicable Recharge mode for rental.

The dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilization system uses compressed air as the carrier gas to quantitatively supply the disinfectant. When a small amount of liquid enters the nozzle through the siphon principle and encounters the high-speed carrier gas, the gas strongly collides and smashes the droplets, quickly smashing the droplets. Dry mist particles below 10 microns are delivered to the distal end and spread perfectly throughout the space, enabling efficient sterilization.

Hydrogen peroxide dry fog sterilizer uses low-concentration hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid type sporicide to achieve disinfection and sterilization; it is used in indoor environments to quickly kill viruses, fungi, molds and spores in the air and surface of objects in closed spaces microorganism. Using low-concentration hydrogen peroxide, only a few milliliters are needed per cubic meter, the ambient humidity rises a little, and there is no corrosion to instruments, computers, and metal products in the environment. In the process of disinfection and sterilization using the hydrogen peroxide dry mist sterilizer, no heating is required, which is convenient and fast.

The biggest feature of the hydrogen peroxide dry mist sterilizer is that it uses a low concentration of disinfectant to achieve a high level of disinfection effect, and will not be corrosive to items in the environment. Although some domestic brands also use low-concentration disinfectants, most of them are difficult to meet the sterilization requirements. Therefore, heavy metal synergists such as silver ions are added to the disinfectant, or the dosage of disinfectant per unit of sterilization space is increased to achieve the goal. , doing so will have irreversible effects on the environment.

The hydrogen peroxide dry mist sterilizer can control the particle size of the dry mist at a precise and consistent level, ensuring the penetration and sterilization effect of complex areas, and can effectively reach all areas of the clean area. In addition, its sturdy structure, simple maintenance, and relatively short overall sterilization time make it a very popular hydrogen peroxide dry mist sterilizer.

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