Hydrogen peroxide combined with low-temperature plasma can generate a large number of active oxygen free radicals and negative ions, which directly act on the unsaturated fatty acids of the cell membrane, destroy the cell membrane tissue through oxidation reaction, and achieve the killing of bacteria and fungi. Reactive oxygen radicals can also oxidize RNA and DNA, and then make them break, mutate, and change their thermal stability, making them lose their ability to reproduce and eliminate pathogens. This method fundamentally solves the effect of bacterial resistance on disinfecting. . BAMBOO 801 adopts the capillary quantitative evaporation technology with independent intellectual property rights, that is, the equipment vaporizes most of the hydrogen peroxide solution by generating high-speed airflow, negative pressure, heat and expanding the surface area, and treats the oxygen in the airflow through instantaneous high pressure, so that the Oxygen molecules are ionized, and the ionized oxygen reacts with water and hydrogen peroxide in the gas phase to generate a large number of active oxygen radicals, molecular hydrogen peroxide and a small amount of aerosol hydrogen peroxide. The airflow is sprayed and diffused into the room, capturing pathogens, destroying their DNA and RNA to achieve sterilization. Due to the extremely small mass of molecular hydrogen peroxide and reactive oxygen radicals, it is very easy to diffuse and spread, and the disinfection efficiency is much higher than that of fog. form of hydrogen peroxide.

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