With the opening of colleges and various schools, epidemic prevention cannot be relaxed. In school classrooms, libraries, and gymnasiums, hydrogen peroxide disinfection machines are used to clean air, purify, detoxify, and deodorize, especially in densely populated places with low air quality. The hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is used for indoor air purification and disinfection, which can not only remove various pollutants (TSP and various harmful gases), but also adjust the ion balance in the air, providing students with a good learning environment.

The hydrogen peroxide sterilizer not only sterilizes and sterilizes, but also increases the content of negative ions in the air. The most important thing is that the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer can work for a single ultra-long run for 24 hours to achieve efficient disinfection and sterilization. For students and teachers, they can not only have a good reading and learning environment, but also be very healthy and at ease, especially for children with long bodies.

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