The connected hydrogen peroxide H2O2 gas sensor module mainly solves the problems that the output signals of market gas sensors are non-standard signals, cannot be used directly, and require signal amplification circuit, gas calibration and filtering processing. At present, there are many kinds of gas sensors in the market, different kinds of sensors are incompatible with each other, the production and calibration are complicated, and the replacement of core components is limited. Using our company production of type gas sensor, can quickly response to customer demand for different types of gas sensor measurement, and simplify the production process, the need to calibration, reduce the cost of r&d and production of enterprises, the union type gas sensor is easy to operate, measurement accuracy, reliable operation, many years of technical experience and strong technical strength you trust the choice of security!

Product features

★ Modular design, suitable for grid, mass promotion.

Low power design, small size, convenient project integration and development.

Intrinsically safe circuit design, safe and reliable, high precision, strong stability.

★ Factory precision calibration, no need to calibrate when using, built-in zero fine tuning.

Built-in temperature and humidity compensation, can be automatically corrected according to the outside typical environmental influence.

★ Reserve equipment data calibration function, you can calibrate the deviation value of equipment at any time.

★ The use of multi gas module combination pit interference coefficient compensation algorithm.

Import electrochemical, infrared, catalytic combustion, semiconductor sensor.

★ A variety of signal output, can be easily access PLC/DCS and other industrial control system.

★ Product parameter requirements can be customized according to customers flexible design.

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