With the continuous development of science and technology, the air pollutants from nature, hospitals, chemical enterprises and other air environments are increasing, especially the spread of various infectious viruses (such as SARS,MERS, COVID-19, avian influenza virus, etc.) in recent years, the hospital environment is gradually deteriorating. Disinfection of hospitals and clinics is getting higher and higher.

Although hospitals, laboratories, CDC, pest control, research institutes and pharmaceutical enterprises, schools and airports, railway stations, subway stations and so on public place will strictly carry out the daily disinfection, but daily spraying disinfection has time limitation, spray because of daily disinfection method, on the basis of existing site only contaminated bacteria and viruses kill, do not have continuous sterilization effect.

After the first disinfection, and before the second disinfection, the interim period is called the empty window period of disinfection. During the empty window period, viruses and bacteria are brought into an uncontrolled state, and the hidden dangers of transmission increase infinitely with the increase of the flow of people, becoming a difficult problem for continuous epidemic prevention in public places. In addition, traditional sterilization agents such as times (84) are used in traditional spraying disinfection operations. Although the sterilization is rapid, the odor is harsh and corrosive to the substrate. If it is used frequently, it will be negative to customers, employees and experience, and affect the operation.

The mobile hydrogen disinfectant machine has been developed to solve the problem of continuous anti-epidemic and eliminate the negative disinfectant odor. It has fully studied the environmental characteristics and needs of hospitals, laboratories, disease control, research institutes, pharmaceutical factories, schools and other public places.

The disinfectant machine. The medical aerosol disinfection air machine is developed for the deteriorating hospital environment. It can easily achieve dust-free and sterile local space in a short time, so that harmful bacteria and polluted air away from medical staff and patients. Therefore, it can be widely used in the working environment of medical units to purify the air and protect the health of medical staff and patients.

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