The cause of human illness is infected with bacterial viruses, whether it is an ordinary cold or a variety of incurable diseases, which are all caused by various bacterial viruses in the end. It is not until modern pharmaceutical technology has continued to develop, and the emergence of antibiotics has made the battle between humans and bacterial viruses achieve a staged victory. During the ancient war, a large number of soldiers died due to wound infections, but the emergence of penicillin in World War II, which greatly reduced the death rate of wound infections, saved thousands of soldiers. The credit.
After World War II, medical technology continued to develop, and more antibiotics appeared. Many diseases that could not be treated before were defeated in front of various antibiotics. People lamented there. People abuse antibiotics, and some bacterial viruses have drug resistance. In the past, only one or two antibiotics were needed to cure diseases. Now they need to increase the dose. Even super bacteria have occurred. The antibiotics are useless, and they can’t kill. Bacterial virus regains the position of losing loss with human operations.
Many “super bacteria” strains have been found abroad, such as the production of ultra-wide-spectrum β-lactamase enteric bacteria, multi-drug tuberculosis, vancopycin, and methamphetamine, etc. There are several super bacteria such as dysentery. The cause of super bacteria is to use antibiotics. Antibiotics killed the vast majority of ordinary bacteria quilts. Start a lot of reproduction and dominate, making the use dose of antibiotics greater and larger, and more and more antibiotics that are invalidated.
Another situation is mutation. Although there are very few situations, it is not without. A recent typical example is the new type of pneumonia virus. From last year to now, it has produced multiple mutations in just two years, which has led to Ruibi, USA, which has led to Ruibi in the United States. The effect of vaccine has been greatly reduced. After screening in India’s virus nests, it has become the present Delta, which becomes more difficult to prevent. This is why the new type of pneumonia broke out in October this year and rapidly spread to a dozen provinces and cities. The threat of super bacteria lies in the spread of resistance, because the development of a new antibiotic and vaccine takes a long time.
Under the premise of continuous spread of new pneumonia virus, in order to prevent it, you must do a good job of disinfection, as well as the hospital’s intensive care unit. The place of gathering is very unfavorable to treatment, so the disinfecting work must also be carefully carefully and not careless. Studies have confirmed that dry fog Hydrogen Peroxide has a broad -spectrum sterilization and can kill bacteria, bacterial spores, fungi, viruses, including common multiple drugs, such as methamphetamine, MRSA, MRSA) Enterococcus (VRE), multiple drug -resistant Bobmann, is a new type of courtyard sensing prevention and control method. It also has the biggest advantage that it can be used at any time or disinfection at any time.

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