HPP272 for hydrogen peroxide, humidity and temperature measurements — designed for harsh hydrogen peroxide biological disinfection environments

The log®HPP272 is a new smart 3-in-1 smart measurement probe with two digital and analog outputs. It is designed for manufacturers, service providers and end users who use vaporized hydrogen peroxide in biological purification and disinfection processes. In addition to hydrogen peroxide, the smart probe also measures temperature and humidity (referring to relative saturation and relative humidity). The sensor is an integral part of Indigo’s measurement product.

The main advantage

Accurate and reliable measurement even at high humidity.

New PEROXCAP sensor technology has been developed to enable accurate measurements in high humidity and even condensation environments.

Have 3 measurement parameters

In addition to hydrogen peroxide, the compact HPP272 probe also measures temperature and humidity (referring to relative humidity and relative saturation). Accurate hydrogen peroxide readings in ppm were given throughout the biological purification cycle.

Successful audit

Repeatable measurements to help you successfully pass FDA approval.

Over time, you will need to perform regular on-site calibration alignments to verify and maintain the accuracy of the measuring instrument and ensure the quality and reliability of the measurements. Vaisala Insight PC software provides quick access to Indigo probe configuration and data, Examples include HMP4, HMP5, HMP7, and HMP8 (for measuring humidity), GMP251 and GMP252 (for measuring carbon dioxide), TMP1 (for measuring temperature), and HPP272 (for measuring gasified hydroperoxides, humidity, and temperature).

The Vaisala Insight PC software is available in English and Japanese and runs on 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 systems.

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